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Riccarda Raabe is a berlin-based artist. Her process-oriented approach embraces experimentation and risk, thriving in the peculiar and the imperfect. Raabes work often centers on circular and oval shapes, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life. It is motivated by a nostalgia for the openness and courage of youth, always dancing between humour and melancholy. 


2013-2014  University of Cambridge

Master of Philosophy in European Literature and Culture

2004-2009  King's College London

Bachelor of Arts in European Studies


- Oct 2023 Be The Strange You Want To See In The World, Projektraum Brunnenstraße, Berlin DE (Solo)

- Sep 2022 Nacht & Tag in den Gerichtshöfen, Berlin DE

- Aug 2022 What If I Change My Story?, Villa Heike Berlin DE (Duo)


2023 Interview Jan 2023

2022, Aug 2022

2021, Interview April 2021

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